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Food breaks down up to 10X faster when shredded through our revolutionary Green Cycler
'Green' doesn't have to be 'gross'
Stop the stink! Our ZeoPack filters are the natural alternative you need
Supercharged Soil
Add Worms to your garden to build soil health. Super-charge your results. Save water and grow more!
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The power of compost

Compost is health food for your soil. Studies have shown that compost used as a mulch, or mixed with the top one-inch layer of soil, can help prevent many plant diseases. Particles of cured compost contain natural antibiotics produced by beneficial bacteria. Compost naturally conditions your soil to make it more hospitable to plant roots, helps plants to absorb soil-borne nutrients, and reduces the likelihood that your garden will be plagued by pests and disease.

  • Get Shredding With Green Cycler

    Our unique shredding system and advanced design helps food scraps break down FAST

  • Add Zeo Pack for freshness

    Our all-natural filters fit perfectly in the Green Cycler or anywhere else you need freshness

  • Plant Worm Bombs in your garden

    Adding your new compost with a worm bomb maximizes nutrition in your soil

  • Grow more incredible food!

    Watch your garden begin to overflow with natural food for your family

  • Rinse, repeat!

    It's the circle of life for modern society - scraps become soil, soil becomes food, food becomes scraps!

Green Cycler

  • The First Compost Bin That SHREDS!
  • Award-winning design. Rave reviews from home & garden experts!
  • Self-contained, stainless-steel blade cartridge system snaps in and out for quick clean-up
  • Micro-vented throughout to help reduce odor-causing bacteria & promote quick decomposition
  • Designed for easy operation and clean-up
  • Shreds kitchen scraps to the ideal size for fast, healthy compost

ZeoPack Filters

  • Chemical free–made from 100% natural, toxin-absorbing zeolite
  • Sun-Charged Odor & Moisture Magnet can be refreshed over and over
  • Excellent for freshening any shoe, bag, pet space, and more
  • Keeps food fresh longer
  • 100% safe for people and pets
  • Works better than chemicals, charcoal or even baking soda!

Worm Bombs

  • Make healthier soil with nature’s hardest garden workers
  • Easily plant up to 50 cocoons with 3-20 worm eggs inside
  • Hatch hundreds of highly adaptable baby worms in just weeks!
  • 6 species of worms ensure success in your soil and conditions
  • Speed worm growth with dual-purpose worm “exciter”
  • Boost garden health, disease prevention, water take-up and productivity

Ecotonix Makes an Appearance

Highest Impact Idea: 2014 Mass Challenge

Highest Impact Idea: 2014 Mass Challenge

Ecotonix selected as Highest Impact Idea from 128 companies at Finalist Choice Awards. Competing with a pool of 1,600 startups from 40 countries who applied to participate, Ecotonix was among 128 finalists in the global business competition.
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DIY Network Best Packaging & Merchandising Support

Dazzling packaging earns Ecotonix top honors in hot DIY Network competition. Worm Bombs are an instant hit.
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Best Marketing Award National Hardware Show 2014

National Hardware Show 2014 Ecotonix debuts “Worm Bombs” and wins top marketing award at 2014 National Hardware Show.
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